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Our Mission
About DSC

“Back in 2006, the grandfather of a friend was in need of an urgent transfusion, and we failed to find donors for him because of his very rare blood type (AB-). He died because he wasn’t able to get the right blood at the right time! Frustrating! No one should be allowed to beg for blood… or even worse to die because they can’t find it” -- Yorgui Teyrouz

To this day, there is still no artificial or animal substitute for human blood, “and perhaps it is better that way, so that any person always shares the burden of his anonymous sisters and brothers, in our universal brotherhood” -- Daniel Tinawi.

With the current replacement system adopted in Lebanon, patients are only able to receive blood if their family and friends can make donations in their name. With a current annual need of 100,000 blood units and 10,000 platelets units, many cannot find the right match – which results in devastating consequences.

Blood donation relies first and foremost on the engagement of voluntary blood donors – the first link in the chain, who commit to making it a healthy habit. Being a blood donor organization, our main role is to mobilize and engage the largest number of people through nationwide awareness campaigns around the healthy lifestyle needed to become a donor and the importance of giving, for it is a simple, free and spontaneous act that makes those who do it, and those who receive it, happy.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We respond when you call us asking to help you find donors for your loved one. We have put in place a robust system that receives your blood requests, and efficiently identifies eligible donors and accompanies them through the process, turning awareness into intention and then into action. We believe that leveraging technology linking different parts of the network together is vital for a faster and better response.

Last but not least, we happily serve blood banks by conducting hundreds of blood drives annually, free of charge, in partnership with them all over the country to replenish their blood stock proactively. Having high stock levels reduces tremendously the burden on distressed families but also makes sure there is enough blood on the shelves to help us better deal with any tragedy that might occur.

DSC is a Lebanese independent, non-profit, and non-governmental blood donor organization registered on the 31st of May 2010 at the Ministry of Interior & Municipalities (MOIM#865)[Governmental Approval PDF].

A Word From The Founder
Yorgui Teyrouz
Blood need concerns each one of us but unfortunately, we only think of it when tragedy occurs. With no replacement for our blood and a need that can never end, the only way to address this issue is by finding a sustainable solution that keeps enough blood flowing to all blood banks. This is our shared responsibility as citizens, and this is why DSC was founded. The only way to do it is to have the maximum number of people involved by bringing their attention to this daily need and engaging them in the act of generously giving to others. Only us can save us and I invite the youth – but not exclusively – to assume this civic responsibility and become committed to leading a healthy life and donating regularly; for them, for others and for their country.

How can a country stand on its feet if its own people are not reconciled? Recent severe conflicts have completely dissolved trust between the Lebanese people, leaving the country divided into various opposing groups. We still have a long way to go before achieving the reconciliation and unity we strive for, but we are determined to keep working harder with the country’s youth in order to build a more peaceful future for everyone.

We believe that the only way to build a solid foundation starts by getting people to work hard together, voluntarily, to fulfill a shared goal. This will reinforce mutual understanding and trust. We have made it our mission to promote and engage in acts of solidarity and civic responsibility that build bridges between people from all different backgrounds. Such acts of unity spread hope for a better future in the hearts of those who carry them out, those who receive them, and those who witness them. For positive change to emerge, everyone affected by a destructive conflict has to be involved in the process to achieve reconciliation, justice, and peace.

Besides the positive social outcomes that emerge from engaging in the community, volunteering by donating blood or taking part in various activities contributes to five different aspects of every person’s well-being:

Developing a strong sense of patriotism and civic responsibility
Acquiring diverse knowledge and skills as well as finding a sense of purpose
Adopting physical activity and making healthier choices in food consumption
Widening one’s network and sense of belonging
Serving the greater good and being at peace with oneself

So we count on you to join us in our mission and pump hope within the community by giving a little of your time, energy and blood for those who need it!

Our Values
Giving Until It Hurts
We pledge to put our time, sweat, and blood at the service of our country and those who need it without asking for anything in return.
Initiating In Darkness
We pledge to keep facing challenges with a stronger will to find more ways to serve better, adapt to arising changes and find opportunities to grow.
Finding A Way When There’s No Way
We pledge to act as messengers of peace, building bridges between different communities and bringing forward trust and mutual understanding.
Doing Right Without Compromise
We pledge to behave consistently with integrity and make the right and fair decisions no matter how hard they seem, in every situation inside & outside DSC.
Putting The Last First
We pledge to put our efforts to help the most vulnerable first and keep pushing for justice and equity for all.

Donner Sans Compter (DSC) was founded with the aim of being the entity linking voluntary blood donors to patients desperately looking for blood. This could only be achieved through an extensive series of awareness and recruitment campaigns to engage the largest number of youths looking for ways to give back to their community.

To be able to serve efficiently, a call center was set-up as part of the Emergency Response Program to remain operational 24/7 throughout the year in order to receive calls of the worried families of patients in need asking for blood. These requests are matched, anonymously, with eligible blood donors through an advanced patients and donors management system; and contacted donors who are willing, head to the nearest blood bank to try to donate. However, the constant emergency state puts pressure on everyone involved in the process.

A more proactive and efficient approach was necessary and therefore, DSC introduced the concept of blood drives through its Proactive Response Program in 2011 at various public and private areas such as corporates, universities, malls, or other public places; in collaborations with blood banks all over the country.

We are continuously working on improving the efficiency of our operations by intensifying the number of blood drives and strengthening our call center to serve the largest number of requests received. However, solving this problem that concerns us all, requires us to join efforts together and get actively involved in this cause to keep the blood flowing!

How it works

When hospitals ask families to provide blood units for their patients, they often don’t know where to turn to. They start searching desperately among their friends and relative hoping to find their need in time. Our call center was established with a primary role to be on the receiving end of these distressed calls and to assist the families in their search in a bid to relieve them from this stress.

These demands are matched with eligible regular blood donors who are registered in our database and that are directed to donate once we confirm their availability and preliminary eligibility adopted universally. However, the final eligibility is confirm at the blood bank where the donation is taking place according to each hospital’s constantly updated requirements. Unfortunately, Lebanon does not yet have unified eligibility criteria adopted in all blood banks which would reduce enormously the rate of donor deferrals and improve the efficiency of the blood donation system and the service DSC offers. The process is explained further in the figure below:

Blood Request
Families are requested by the hospital where the patient is being treated to provide the necessary blood units to be able to carry out the medical interventions. Hundreds of calls for emergencies such as accidents, childbirth, surgeries and for chronic cancer or thalassemia patients are received every day. Demands should typically be fulfilled within 48 hours as most of them are usually on urgent basis.
Call Center Operator
Call Center Operator
Operators immediately store incoming demands in our donor management system and start looking for donors with matching blood types, living in nearby areas and have completed the required resting time between donations. Operators start calling donors until they find a willing match and keep the concerned person accompanying the patient updated with the results of the search.
Blood Donor
Willing donors are provided with the necessary details and schedule their donations according to their availability within the opening times of the concerned blood bank. Donors donate anonymously and keep the call center informed with the progress of their donation, respecting the privacy ethics of blood donation.
Blood Bank
Once donors arrive to the blood bank, they are assisted by blood bank technicians to fill a detailed questionnaire and undergo a vitals check-up (blood pressure, temperature, hemoglobin level) to confirm that they are healthy and fit to donate. This is necessary to ensure a safe blood transfusion to donors and to the receiving patients. Blood banks keep the families updated with any additional blood the patient might need based on the situation at hand.
Incoming Demands
Donors Mobilized
Units Donated
Blood Banks Served
Join The Movement

Over the years and thanks to the uninterrupted activities that raised awareness about DSC around the country, the number of received demands is constantly on the rise. Therefore, we could use all the help we can get!

If you feel you are ready to be on the front line of this life-saving mission, join the movement today and save your seat in our call center!

How it works

The concept of Blood Drives is widespread internationally as it has been a proven method for sustainable blood flow to blood banks. It ensures that hospitals maintain a high stock level of blood products in a more proactive way to better serve their patients.

DSC introduced this core activity to Lebanon in 2011 and has conducted blood drives all over the country with various hosts, whether private or public such as universities, corporates, public spaces, municipalities, events, and religious places. It is particularly interesting as it offers the donors a more enjoyable experience to donate outside the premises of hospitals and is not operated under emergency circumstances.

Our wide network of volunteers around the country and our expanding fleet enable us to reach out to various hosts in their areas who generously offer us their space and mobilize donors in their organization as a honorable contribution to the community. Every blood drive is conducted in partnership with a hospital’s blood bank who are in charge of the safe blood draw throughout the event and the collection of blood units once it is over.

In Lebanon
Blood Drives
Units Collected
Partnering Hospitals
Total Hosts
Want to host a blood drive?

Your organization consists of more than 50 employees and you want to play a vital role in reducing the pressure everyone suffers from due to the shortage of blood? Do you know about a public event taking place at your area and want to add a life-saving aspect to it? We are here to make it happen!

Partners & Awards

We are always looking to improving our service by capitalizing on technology, our donor experience, and exchanging knowledge with international organizations involved in blood donation. In order to achieve these goals, we have proudly joined international organizations and partnered with respectful entities that share our vision and are helping us get there.


Global Blood Fund is a charity dedicated to reducing worldwide inequities in blood safety and sufficiency by promoting voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation. Since 2008, GBF has helped over 50 poorly resourced countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America better serve their communities. Donner Sang Compter has been selected by Global Blood Fund to reinforce voluntary blood donation in Lebanon as a blood donor organization.

In 2015, they have generously provided us with our first mobile blood bank that hasn’t stopped traveling around the country ever since.

BPS supports a channel of telecommunications, ISP’s, data centers, service providers, system integrators, managed services providers, software companies, and IT resellers in their route into the digital transformation.

Since 2015, we have been working closely with BPS who have provided us with the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 software at the core of our operations and currently assist us in additional enhancements to improve our efficiency.

A dedicated team of automation consultants bringing over 25 years of experience in the field of digital transformation, delivering repeatable quality and value with Business Analysts, RPA Developers, Solution Architects and Infrastructure Architecture.

DSC has launched a Robotic Process Automation project with EI Path to assist in the cleaning, compiling and importing years of data into our system for updated historical views, wider research scope, and accurate impact assessment.

Ranalytics facilitates the complex process of data analytics through technical innovation with an outstanding team of data analysts, developers, technological leaders, and academics who are all working for the same goal: help companies make sense of their data and empower small to medium size businesses to explore, visualize and share their big data with their organization.

Ranalytics has been assisting DSC in building and visualizing various dashboards that are displayed on this website for transparency, improved reporting and decision-making.

Uber Technologies, Inc. is an American technology company. Its services include ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation.

Since 2018, Uber has generously provided discounted rates for blood donors heading to hospitals or blood banks to donate.

Awards & Fellowships

Ashoka is an international organization that promotes social entrepreneurship by affiliating individual social entrepreneurs into the Ashoka organization.

The Hult Prize is the world's foremost platform for the creation and launch of for-good, for-profit startups.

The King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency is considered the highest award of excellence for the public sector on the national level.

DSC received the King Abdullah II award for its youth innovation and achievement.

Synergos is a non-profit organization which aims to reduce globla poverty through partnerships between government, business, civil society, and local communities.

DSC received the Synergos Arab Social Innovator award for the year of 2011.

National Volunteer Service Program (NVSP), in the context of the annual AUB-USJ NGO Fair. The second phase of the NVSP, a World Bank funded project, seeks to improve social stability and service delivery in the most vulnerable Lebanese communities hosting Syrian refugees through youth volunteering, soft skills development, and psychosocial awareness activities.

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